ronnie and karen lott


In the spirit of our founders Ronnie and Karen Lott, this fund is dedicated to the values of All Stars Helping Kids. The values that guide our work, both internally and in the community, are: Risk-taking, Teamwork, Integrity and Reflection.


We believe that breaking the cycle of poverty will give all youth a fair shot, and will benefit each and every one of us, too. On behalf of Ronnie and Karen Lott we were able to provide over $120,300 to 36 organizations in 2016.


Through Helping Hands, we support local bay area, grassroots initiatives that provide youth with a rigorous, educational, safe, and healthy learning environment. On behalf of our donors, All Stars invested $48,653 in 39 innovative high performing nonprofit organizations located in the San Francisco Bay Area during 2016. To be the potential recipient of our Helping Hands grant, apply today!



Gerry Nicklas, a 35-year veteran of the computer industry, was a great friend to countless people. We say that about a lot of people but it was almost literally true in Gerry’s case: none of us could count the number of people Gerry actually knew. One of the many things his friends admired about Gerry was his deep desire, which he acted on every day, to help others in whatever ways he could. In memory of Gerry and his countless gestures of kindness to countless people, a few of his friends created the 2ndChance Fund in 2005, which is now managed by All Stars Helping Kids.

One of Gerry’s primary goals in life was to help people who were having tough times, especially later in life. Gerry gave generously of his time and money, making sure someone could afford a new suit or a down payment for continuing education, arranging for help with resume writing, hosting a healthy “networking” meal or setting up formal interviews with influential friends. His care was genuine, and he helped many people in many ways in the United States and in Asia.

The original purpose of our grants was to provide funds to qualified individuals so that they could develop or regain self-sustaining careers. With All Stars Helping Kids, these funds will be primarily dedicated to furthering the education of qualified individuals.

Gerry mastered the art of friendship, and part of his mastery was knowing how, with a subtle grace, to help people want to become better people. In honor of his memory, may this grant help you to become a better person, and “pay it forward” to someone else.

Through the 2nd Chance Fund, All Stars Helping Kids provides scholarships for youth in K-12, college, graduate school, or trade school who need a second (or a first) chance at success in reaching their academic goals. During 2016, through the 2nd Chance Fund we provided $20,000 to four nonprofits in Gerry Nicklas’ name.