All Stars Helping Kids Board / Grantee Social

On Thursday, April 20th, All Stars Helping Kids grantees joined our Board of Trustees to celebrate our past and current cohort classes and their accomplishments.

All Stars board members Karen Lott and Jack Russi congratulated Cohort II, which graduated in March and includes Mindful Life, Game Theory Academy, and Camp Phoenix, and welcomed our newest class, Cohort IV, including Urban Ed Academy, Chapter 510, and SF Achievers, which joined us in January. The event marked a look back at our grantees’ accomplishments and a look ahead at their exciting plans for the future. 

One of our current grantees, Chapter 510, hosted the social at their facility, a former church building that now serves as community hub. The facility is located in Oakland at a crossroads of the socioeconomic gap that our nonprofits are working to bridge in the neighborhoods of Silicon Valley.

Throughout the evening, we heard from board members and grantees about how the mission of All Stars is accomplished every day in the grassroots-level efforts of our nonprofits. Urban Ed Academy, one of our newest grantees, shared some of the goals that they are on track reach through the cohort program:

“With the support of All Stars, at this time next year we will have transformed a current liquor store into a STEM learning center, developed a dashboard for personalized learning plans at the elementary level, and recruited more black and brown men to teach in our area schools.”

Become part of our ongoing collaboration with Urban Ed Academy, Chapter 510, SF Achievers, and many others that work to break the poverty cycle by considering a gift today!

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