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My name is Magnolia Lopez, and I am live in Richmond, CA. I am a senior at Richmond High School. Most of us know Richmond has a bad history that involves crime rape gangs and many more distractions. . I come from a very low income family, they never had the opportunity of an education like I did. These challenges have inspired me to accomplish my passion and goal. My passion is to become a reporter/show host in Latin TV shows or even one day to have my own show. I really enjoy listening and learning from other people’s experience. Most of them will teach you a life lesson, make an impact, or change someone else’s life. With the help of Wishbone I was able to attend to an after school program at expression college in Emeryville! And Wishbone helped me with the financial I need to make this possible. I took acting classes, and it helped me develop more strategies to talk in front of a camera and people. Taking this acting classes helped me in many ways but most important it helped me make my final decision on my future education.  Thank you wishbone for giving me this opportunity, also for giving me the financial help I needed for me to start my new future. Wishbone needs your support to help more students like me. I encourage you to make an impact in someone else life get in touch with wish bone to see how you can help!

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