Wishbone Stories: Meet Monica

Hello, my name is Monica Valdivias and I from East Palo Alto. I am currently a junior at Aspire East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy. I have lived in East Palo Alto my whole life and it has helped shape me into the person I am today because I understand that the path to success is hard work and a good education. East Palo Alto is a small city where opportunities like the one wishbone offers are rare and difficult to find. My family has always made sure I understand that I must take advantage of every opportunity offered to me. I am passionate about law and the criminal justice system as well as politics. I discovered my passion several years ago when I was enrolled in McNair middle school. I am interested in the summer law program that Stanford offers. It is called the law and trial conference in collaboration with Stanford Law School. I would love to attend this program because it would be an amazing opportunity to learn more about law and being a lawyer. It would also help me understand the learning environment at Stanford. Stanford is my first choice for college and it would be a privilege for me to be able to attend this program. I would not be able to attend this program without financial assistance because it is around three thousand dollars. My family is incapable of paying such a high price for a law program. This program would impact my future in a positive way because it could give me the knowledge I need in order to figure out if law is truly the major I wish to pursue. It would also provide the perfect opportunity for me to understand the way Stanford works.

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