As the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 continues to unfold all around us, it is the families and communities already living on the edge that are being hit the hardest. Already, 1 in 5 youth are living in poverty in the Bay Area and the closed schools and lost jobs are simply going to perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

Despite the obstacles, All Stars’ grantees are stepping up and tackling these challenges head on thanks to your generous support. They are creating innovative solutions, engaging their local communities, and working together to ensure youth have access to the critical services in this turbulent time.


All Stars Helping Kids has always responded in times of crisis. Today is no different. We launched the Rapid Response Fund and provided a first round of vital funding on April 1st, to help the All Stars grantees focus on reaching youth and families living on the edge of poverty and being hit the hardest during this crisis.

With our supporters at Ensemble Capital, Point-Slope Capital and Deloitte, we created a “Help Desk” of financial experts to coach our grantees navigating the CARES Act, applying for the Payroll Protection Loans, and accessing local emergency response funds and resources.

We created a COVID-19 Nonprofit Survival Toolkit: Ten Specific Steps You Can Take to Help Save (and Eventually Grow) Your Organization and provided a virtual training session with the All Stars grantees on essential topics such as managing cash flow, engaging funders, and supporting staff during the economic shutdown.

Learn more about All Stars efforts to support the nonprofits providing vital services during this unprecedented time and how you can help.


We know that “shelter-in-place” and school closures do not mean the needs of our youth disappear. Thanks to your support, All Stars grantees are adapting to provide stability and deliver impact while demonstrating resiliency in tough times.

WriterCoach Connection has trained over 100 coaches to provide online coaching, mentoring, and writing support so East Bay youth can continue to excel in critical writing and thinking skills.


Chapter 510 has launched weekly Instagram poetry workshops and is working to engage Oakland residents for a Virtual Epic Poetry Day on April 28th.

Team, Inc. piloted a 6-week online youth training program and Co-founder Anwar McQueen was featured in the Atlantic highlighting their innovative training program.

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Hidden Genius Project

Oakland teen James Green, has a literal fix for sneakerheads everywhere. His company, “Fix My Kix,” connects consumers with shoe restoration artists and cobblers. Though he’s a successful social entrepreneur now, the 19-year-old didn’t always envision the path his life is on. “It pains me to think about my whole educational experience. I was told that I wouldn’t be successful, James says, “so for me it’s important we learn we can start a business. Thanks to your seed investments into The Hidden Genius Project and Youth Impact Hub James Green has gone from extreme poverty to making profits in the sneaker industry.

James Greene launches Fix My Kix - a mobile shoe cleaning and restoration venture

17-year-old Jayden Cummings of Emeryville won the Congressional App Challenge in for his app iBlinkco. The app helps to serve the community by educating vendors on social media. Reflecting on his 3 year STEM education journey with All Stars grantee, the Hidden Genius Project, Jayden says, “Knowing I have mentors and black male figures which I did not have before is very important. It makes me feel comfortable to become the best that I can be.” In March, Jayden traveled to Washington DC in March to receive his award and showcase his app to congressmen and congresswomen.

Watch Mary Lee talks with Jayden Cummings about winning the 2019 Congressional App Challenge