Our New Program

All Stars Helping Kids is excited to announce the Re:Work Training Bay Area Program, to address the problem of high unemployment in overlooked Black and LatinX communities by providing free comprehensive career training and job placement focused on Software as a Service (SaaS) Tech Sales.

Tech companies need qualified and trained salespeople to grow and diversify their sales teams and Re:Work graduates create a pool of highly-trained and certified untapped talent for free.

The eight-week training program is completely free with many Re:Work graduates placed in full-time sales and business development jobs within months making $55,000 a year plus benefits.

Our next Re:Work Training Bay Area Cohort Kicks Off in October 2022!
** All classes will be virtual **

Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent, be able to work in the U.S., and be actively looking for work.


The tech industry has long been an exclusive space for white men. That’s why we started this community to help overlooked minorities break into the field and make their mark on it!

We are a non-profit organization that focuses specifically on BDR, SDR, or AE positions within the tech industry’s revenue generation side of things – one that is often overlooked by others who only focus their time training people how to code or work as developers.

We aim to empower 25,000 Black, Latinx, People of Color to cumulatively make $30 Billion in income over the next 20 years.


First off, it is not what you think.

The process of selling technology products and services is more like befriending your customers than tricking them into buying what they don’t need. No used car salesmen here.  No fast talking telemarketers.  This is about business-to-business (B2B) sales and helping your customers overcome challenges that are holding their businesses back.

Technological sales doesn’t require technical skills or degrees because it mostly consists of identifying the customer who can benefit from a particular solution, then showing that person how their needs will be met by purchasing such product/service.

Why Re:Work Training?

What is tech sales?

Our Vision
Our shared vision is to provide innovative solutions moving young people from poverty to prosperity by
creating workplaces where potential is worth as much as a pedigree.

Better Incomes for Better Outcomes



Identify coachable potential in untapped communities; more than 3,500 individuals have been screened for program



65+ hours of training per candidate; 1400+ hours of work from volunteers seeking to impact change in their workplace & community



Candidates get offers within 5 weeks of entering program on average; 75% placement rate



Support candidates for life through strong partner and alumni network; 82% of alumni are still employed full-time after their first placement

How It Works

Our Impact

Community Of Corporate Partners

Free pool of highly-trained and certified graduates of the RE:WORK TRAINING Bay Area Program

Corporations can grow and diversify sales teams at no cost

Accelerate onboarding time for candidates

Develop future sales managers and leaders by building a strong innovative
organization and Diversity Equity and Inclusion-based strategies