30 May
  • By Nicole Ruccolo

Alpha Cornerstone Gets Recognized As A California Distinguished School

Here at All Stars Helping Kids, one of the primary elements of childhood development that we focus on is rigorous academics. One of our grantees, Alpha: Cornerstone, is a K-8 school in the Bay Area that opened in 2010 and provides high-quality education for students in low income communities. The school seeks to provide students with a supportive learning environment where they can grow as scholars, leaders, and members of their community to prepare them for a successful future. We interviewed John Glover, the founder and CEO of Alpha Public Schools, as well as Jennie Taing, the Communications & Marketing Manager at Alpha Public Schools, to learn more about Alpha: Cornerstone and what support from All Stars Helping Kids means to them.


What sets Alpha: Cornerstone apart from other primary schools?

What sets Alpha: Cornerstone apart from other schools is the strong community that we have built here. Parents, teachers and students have a true partnership. We have very strong parent leadership at all of our schools.

Alpha Cornerstone: All Stars Helping Kids Grantee

Congratulations on being named a California Distinguished School! What does this recognition mean to the school?

It is an incredible honor to be a California Distinguished school. As a school on the East Side of San Jose, with 70% of our scholars receiving free or reduced lunch, it proves that all scholars can learn and achieve at the same levels as their more affluent peers. This achievement celebrates the students, families, teachers, support staff, leaders, and former and founding members of the community who have built such an amazing program. We’ve demonstrated significant gains in narrowing the achievement gap and we won’t stop here.


What do donations and funding from organizations such as All Stars Helping Kids go towards?

All Stars has supported Alpha since before we opened the doors of our first school. They’ve helped us build community as their donations go towards operations, teacher supplies, support staff on campus, and counselors for both Gen Ed and Special Ed students. Furthermore, they have helped us develop leadership in our students and build out our signature Personalized Leadership Training program, which pairs leadership development and physical fitness.

Alpha Cornerstone: All Stars Helping Kids Grantee


What do donations mean to the school and what can we do to get involved and support the Alpha: Cornerstone community?

GIVE. Give in a way that feels meaningful and impactful to you. Give your time: be a tutor, a mentor, or a board member. Give your treasure: we achieve excellence with grit and love for our families, yet often without all the resources we really need. And if you can’t give in any of these ways, introduce us to someone who can. Help us build our network. We are always stronger as a team, and we are always looking to grow our team of purpose driven leaders and supporters.

If you are interested in supporting the Bay Area’s future generation at Alpha: Cornerstone, visit our website found here to see the ways you can get involved. To learn more about Alpha: Cornerstone, check out their blog or contact them here.

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