18 May
  • By Nicole Ruccolo

One Degree’s NEW Common App

One Degree is a technology driven nonprofit organization that helps low-income families access the resources they need to achieve social and economic mobility and, ultimately, improve their lives.

The organization currently operate two major products: One Degree and One Home. Thousands of people in the Bay Area rely on One Degree’s core platform to access health care, food banks, employment service and much more. Through One Home, One Degree works to ensure every family has a safe and stable home by making it easy to find and apply for affordable housing.

One Degree All Stars Helping Kids Grantee

One Degree has some exciting news in 2018! They created a new tool for families that can really save them time.

They realized that while some Bay Area families can use their phone to order groceries from Amazon almost instantly, low-income families are forced to waste time contending with older systems to get food, shelter, and vital resources. Programs force families to submit paper applications with the same information over and over again, and low income families waiting hours in dreary lobbies and in never-ending lines. This is a merciless pile-on for people already struggling. The human cost in time and energy is staggering.

One Degree All Stars Helping Kids Grantee

This year, they have developed a strategy to fix this problem through their Common App, a new online tool by One Degree that cuts the time spent applying for services by more than half.

The tool combines multiple applications into one, and then submits the applications directly to agencies on behalf of families. Read about their process, real-world testing, and plans for bringing this tool to more communities.

Find out more in their Medium story about Common App.

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