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16 Feb
  • By Nicole Ruccolo

Winning Play$ Crowdfunding Campaign

We are Raising $25,000 to: 

Create an eduacational module and materials, called Re$ilience, for our Winning Play$ financial education program.

The module will teach young people the untold and surprising story of black wealth in America.

Frustrated by the fact that people could not create healthy financial lives, I embarked on a six-year study to find out what’s really at work in our financial behavior. After extensive research, I found that social messages from advertisers and the media, stereotypes about race and gender, as well as early role modeling are among the primary drivers in our financial behavior. I knew that this was a narrative that needed to be changed so that young adults had the opportunity to succeed.

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Winning Play$ is a behavior-based financial literacy program that helps students develop healthy attitudes and behaviors around money. We examine how factors such as gender, ethnicity, role-modeling, and media messages play out in their financial beliefs and choices. In addition, they master basic financial concepts such as saving, debt management, and investing. Winning Play$ also teaches students how to identify the best strategies to pay for college. The program is also built to Common Core math standards and the Jumpstart Coalition’s national financial education standards.

Winning Play$ is a partner of NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott’s All Stars Helping Kids Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering Bay Area youths in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Our All Star Winning Play$ Supporters

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