Make a Gift

Investing In Potential!

We believe investing in the potential of our youth, our nonprofit partners and our local communities can break the cycle of poverty that is keeping far too many youth from succeeding. That is why we created the All Stars Accelerator Program to build strong, impactful and sustainable nonprofits working on the front lines in our most overlooked and marginalized communities.

The results?

More than 160,000 youth served across the Bay Area. Youth are succeeding in school, building the skills to create successful careers and getting the support they need to stay healthy in body and mind.

With your donation, we will be able support more innovative nonprofit organizations and serve more youth across the Bay Area who are looking for a hand up rather than a hand out.

100% of your support goes to driving impact for underserved youth in low-income communities. Let’s “Unleash the Good”, and make the Bay Area a place where all youth have the opportunity and resources to truly thrive!

All Stars Accelerator Program invests in emerging nonprofits with innovate programs and services supporting youth of color and other underrepresented youth in the Bay Area. When we help these innovative nonprofits scale and become sustainable, our young people win! Take a look at our 2021 All Stars Impact Report to see some of the incredible impact of our nonprofit partners!